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LC4-50 Customer Package Options


Option 1 Rental Package (Bike Only)


We aim to have these hire bikes available not only for Dakar, but for use at smaller 1 week rallies, such as Serres, Merzouga & Maroc, for example. This can give a prospective rider the chance to experience the LC4-50 before entering the main event, Dakar.


All these events, and others will be supported by our partner, Torque Racing, who as well as preparing the LC4-50 for us at Rally-Raid 

Products, have a wealth of experience on the support, transport and logistics on most rallies, and have been integral in helping develop this machine with us over the last 2 years, so they have an intimate knowledge of the KTM LC4 and its accessories.


  • Each bike will have a complete overhaul and refurbishment by Torque Racing, and come supplied with new tyres & mousses fitted. Although the navigation equipment is specified by us, along with tyres & mousses, these can be changed to suit individual riders’ preferences, if required.

  • The only costs borne by the rental rider will be the initial rental cost, plus consumables such as tyres, mousses and any other crash damage. All servicing such as oil, oil filters, air filters etc are included in the rental price.

  • Each hire LC4-50 will be built by Torque Racing and it will comprise of the parts shown below, fitted to a KTM 690 Enduro LC4 motorcycle, exactly as our test bike ridden to Hellas Rally recently.

  • The rental package is only available to those riders travelling in the Torque Racing Team on each event, as all maintenance has to be carried out by them.

The bike weighs in at 156kg (inc all navigation equipment, but without fuel)

Option 2 Custom Bike Build


Another option, apart from rental bikes or building your own LC4-50 is to let Torque Racing build you an identical bike to our LC4-50 Rally machines using a brand-new KTM 690 Enduro (supplied by ourselves) as the base machine, with all the same Rally-Raid Products parts fitted, along with uprated suspension and many other improvements only available to our team.  


Option 3 Customer Kit 690 Enduro


It will also be possible to buy the LC4-50 kit as a crankshaft & piston assembly on its own, Torque Racing can re-map the ECU’s from customers’ bikes to suit the new smaller capacity motor. This re-map is included in the price of the customer kit.


Option 4 Customer Kit 690 RR


And the final option, for those with an older KTM 690 RR, is that our LC4-50 customer kit will also fit this Dakar-winning machine, although instead of a re-map of the ECU’s it will need re-jetting due to the fact it is carburated rather than EFI. However, this means that these older, and now out-regulated (due to new 450cc limits) machines can have a new lease of life doing what they were designed to do…….race Dakar.


Either way, we aim to provide customers with the most suitable bike to ride in one of the worlds toughest rallies, and give them the best chance to achieve a finish by using one of the most tried-and-tested rally bikes ever made.

Our fixed-price structure means we can offer customers a one-off cost with no hidden charges, so there are no surprises in what is an already expensive sport. Due to our confidence in the extremely reliable LC4 motor, we are prepared to cover any mechanical problems associated with the engine during the course of a rally, another plus for the rental rider.


The rental package is only available to those riders travelling in the Torque Racing Team on each event, as all maintenance has to be carried out by them.

Torque Racing Dakar 2015 Assistance Package Price £12,000

Torque Racing Services (“TRS”) has been involved in Rallies Worldwide for the past 10 years.  They have assisted at many major rallies, including the Dakar since 2004.  During this time they have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, essential to offering a quality support service. 


TRS are offering a Full support for the dakar Rally 2015 that is second to none.

This includes

  • 1 experenced mechanic per 2 riders maximum.

  • Guidance through the Signing on and Scrutineering process, at Le Harve, France

  • Supply of additional soft drinks and snacks

  • Torque Racing Jsersey and T-Shirt


TRS Support Equipment


TRS and Rally Raid Products are working on a spares package for riders, in addition to carrying some commonly used spare parts.  A list of whichwill be released one month before the start of the event.


Tyres, mousses and other service items can be ordered through us at highly discounted rates.

You can also have Torque Racing Services book your flights and accomodation.


TRS specialise in Rally Bike preparation.  Please call to discuss your requirements with Martin.

Prior to the event we offer our customers a free pre-rally check. Booking in with the workshop  will be required and any work recommentations will be advised along with a quote if requested.

For details of payment terms and assistance packages please contact Torque Racing:





+44(0)1462 734693 – Mainland line UK

+44(0)7891 866575 – Inquiries, Training and Events

+44(0)7980 612196 – Martin Bike Preparation

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