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Meet Carl Hagenblad.....

"So, it’s now been 9 months since I broke down in the Andes Mountain after only 2000 km with RRP's prototype bike LC4-50, and I had some time to dwell on it. I quickly found the problem back home, a worn cable grounding the frame. The cable feeds the ECU, so without that nothing works. That also means that this is not a bike-related problem, even the carburetor bikes has a brain. The LC4 is a great bike, I had three of them myself and taught myself riding on it, and I was kind of surprised when they implemented the 450 rule for the Dakar rally. The race is longer than what a 450 Enduro or MX is built for. That's why I still think RRP's idea of a full-sized off-road is a smart choice, especially if you have some kind of economy to think about. Smashed/worn parts is about 1/5 of the 450 rally replica. It's just sad that the problem occurred on the same spot as the organisation, I guess I would have found it in a few minutes. But that's racing and I would do it again. 2016 is not possible for me, but Dakar is still on the to-do-list. We'll see if we can start the project again and put that bike on the finish podium.

Following Carls Day 3 exit of the 2015 Dakar, the bike was shipped back to Le Havre, Carl drove down and picked the bike up, took it back to Sweden and set about finding out what had happened to end is Dakar Dreams so early on in the race.  He quickly found the problem,

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