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Now that the LC4-50 has proven itself on the dyno, on the road and in a rally, we are preparing to build several other bikes, to the same specification as our initial test machine,  and these bikes will be available as part of a rental package.  This will give us, and riders, the chance to form a team to take on Dakar, with the best chance of achieving what all riders go there for, a finish in the worlds most gruelling rally for rider and machine.


We think the best way to achieve this is to form a team with the components needed to achieve this goal, be it mechanics, service team, sponsors and most importantly, the bike.


We have the bike, our LC4-50 and the Service Team in place, our next move is to attract potential riders and partners to help us achieve this goal, and if this is the sort of team you, as a rider or partner/sponsor, are prepared to join and help us all achieve a common goal, then get in touch and start things going!!


We have put 2 years development into our project, and have been amazed at the help we have received along the way from individuals, and companies, that whilst initially not quite “getting” our concept when we explained the idea we had, were still more than happy to help us achieve our goal. This goes some way to showing what can be done with positive attitude and not being set back by problems that arise along the way.


Most of all, we want to offer anyone involved with our team the chance to achieve their own personal goals, and help others within the team do the same.


Whether that means supporting the riders, servicing the bikes or even reaching the finish line in South America, we all started this journey with our own personal idea of where we wanted to end up, are you coming with us?

where we're going ....

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