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Baja Rally starts...............

British Dakar rider Chris Cork, from Devon, will be riding our LC4-50 at the Baja Rally in Mexico this October.

Chris has ridden in 2 Dakar's, 2015 and 2016, and is looking to return in 2019 to try and complete this gruelling challenge for man and machine.

As part of Rally Raid Products long term support for Chris' rally efforts, and his family's Go Trail Riding B&B business based in the glorious Devon countryside, we extended the chance for him to ride our own Dakar bike at the famous Baja region of Mexico.

Chris has competed in both Dakar's on KTM 450 RR rally bikes, so it will be good to get feedback from from him as to how our unique 690-based LC4 machine compares to his previous production machines.

The LC4-50, along with a special hi-comp KTM 690 fitted with Tractive suspension and wide-ratio gearbox to be ridden by Rally Raid Products owner John Mitchinson, have been prepped as usual by our partner Martin Wittering at Torque Racing (who was instrumental in helping achieve the LC4-50 Dakar project completion).

Both bikes, along with 20 other bikes from the UK are being shipped to the U.S. by sea container before a short road trip to the start of the rally in Ensenada, Mexico.

Follow the rally via our FB page, and check out Chris Cork and his exploits through his own social media outlets:

Chris's own BlogSpot

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